Anna Arestova




UI/UX Designer for Mobile App and Smartwatch


December 2019

UI Concept for Polestar 2 – iPhone and Apple Watch app.


Polestar is an electric performance car brand, determined to improve the society we live in. The primary focus is on uncompromised design and technology. Polestar makes products that are excellent, efficient, and entertaining. In Polestar's future, there is no room for shortcuts, excuses, or compromises.


We noticed that Polestar UI is not aligning with the impressive look of the car. We wanted to create a fast, intuitive interface and provide a positive user experience for drivers.


Improve the existing UI to align more with futuristic and smart Polestar look and feel.

Design Solutions:

Home Screen

The home screen gives the user the freedom to unlock the car,

start the engine, set the desired temperature all with the

convenience of a few simple taps. There is also a toggle bar to turn on the lights and dim or brighten them according to your preference.


The diagnostics screen gives the user an array of mechanical and

electronic statistics. An overall look from the locked status of the

cars doors to the coolant levels in the car, the Polestar 2 aims to give

the user a comprehensive overview of their car.

Vehicle Finder

The GPS settings on the car are highly accurate and aim to give the

user a real-time status of where their car is. The location settings help to give a sense of security for the user giving them a sense of assurance in the palm of their hands.

Smart Watch

The Polestar 2's smartwatch app aims to give an additional

the layer of integration to the user. 

The watch gives the user the capability to start the car’s

engine and set their desired temperature before getting into the vehicle. The watch also gives a quick and accurate diagnostics report which certain to the car’s mechanical and safety measures.

The watch also comes with a vehicle finder option which

gives a GPS location of the car at all times.